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PSD to Bootstrap

This is the latest HTML version that is available in the market right now and is being extensively used in the building of websites.  All the features that have been a part and parcel of the previous versions are there but this latest version, the features are newer and better too.  There is of course compatibility across cross browsers, optimization for the smartphone platform and offline caching and cleaner codes.  This HTML brings along video playback coupled with a built in audio.  Bootstrap is now considered to be a highly sought after option.  We, at Creative Werk Designs, leave no stone unturned to give you the best results possible.

Bootstrap Development Features

Compatibility across browsers

With the superior quality HTML/CSS markup, we ensure that the website is compatible across different browsers as well as devices.

Greater efficiency in Cost and Time

These designs help in cutting down on cost and time.  As they are absolutely easy to code they offer attractive templates that are satisfying.

Semantic Coding

We use semantic coding which will give you clean markup that does not compromise on speed and utility.

Supports Flexible, Fixed/Fluid Layouts

Our experts can come up with different types of layouts as our methodology ensures superior quality transition regardless of the option chosen.

Availability of Numerous Frameworks

Frameworks include Twitter Bootstrap, Fluid Baseline Grid, Less, Foundation and many more.

Easy Management and SEO Friendly

When you have a responsive website it facilitates greater SEO without using any tricks or gimmicks.

Microformat/Schema & Optimization of Page Speed

We adhere to a web based approach towards semantic markup which will be extremely easy to be read by the search providers.  Our aim is to score 90+ as it gives the user a wonderful user experience.

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